Getting Fried Chicken the Southern Way

There’s something comforting about southern food that always puts me in complete bliss with every bite I take. Given the rich flavors and hearty portions, southern food easily tops the list of my favorite style of foods. I’ve recently discovered a great southern restaurant in East Village and I decided to head over with my friend Sungmo. Bobwhite Counter is a small place located on Avenue C, but its reputation for being a top southern restaurant has spread across the island of Manhattan.

With a pay before eating system much like fast-food restaurants, Bobwhite Counter requires diners to order their meals at the counter and wait for their food to be served at their tables. I ordered the fried chicken sandwich, one of the most famous dishes in Bobwhite Counter, Sungmo ordered the pork chop sandwich, and we also ordered cheesy grits as a side dish. Each of our sandwiches came with a fresh salad dressed in tangy mustard vinaigrette. The cheesy grits were creamy and quite delicious, but a bit on the heavy side; they were a fantastic addition to the sandwiches and definitely accompanied the entire meal well.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Pork Chop Sandwich

My fried chicken sandwich was well seasoned with crispy breading. Placed between two toasted buns, the breaded chicken was cooked to extreme tenderness while remaining moist. This country-styled fried chicken was absolutely delicious on its own right as well. Although the sandwich came with pickles, I’m personally not a big fan of pickles, so I ended up eating the sandwich without them. Sungmo’s pork chop sandwich was also grilled to perfection. With the succulent and tender pork between toasted bread, the pork chop sandwich was also a stunning dish.

Cheesy Grits

As we were enjoying our meal, Bobwhite Counter’s popularity became evident as people endlessly went in and out of the restaurant to pick up their food. With affordable prices, a homey atmosphere, and traditional tastes, Bobwhite Counter is easily one of the most popular restaurants in the East Village. I absolutely enjoyed my visit to Bobwhite Counter and I’ll be sure to try their famous fried chicken during my next visit.

Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter on Urbanspoon


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