La Maison du Macaron Vs. Laduree

As I had previously blogged, my journey in finding the perfect macaron continues today. I’ve visited several macaron shops, but none of them stuck out to me aside from these two. La Maison du Macaron and Laduree were two shops that I found to be absolutely delectable in rendering the French dessert. Here is the comparison review of two famous macaron shops of New York City.

La Maison du Macaron is located in Chelsea and is a popular place for many NYU students. I walked in to find shelter during an abrupt rainstorm, only to realize that this was a famous French dessert shop. I was greeted by rows of colorful macarons and pastries that I could not take my eyes off of. Quickly glancing through the glass display case, I asked for a box off our macarons: chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, and praline. I was originally planning to only eat one and save the rest for my train ride home, but the first bite I took out of the chocolate macaron sent me on a macaron-eating-binge. All four macarons were rich and creamy, each distinct with their own flavors, and I absolutely loved the velvety texture of the macaron crème. La Maison du Macaron also has a large seating area with tables and couches that give off the ambience of a Parisian living room. Aside from macarons, La Maison du Macaron also serves madeleines, breakfast pastries, and tarts that are freshly made from the kitchen. They also have hot tea, which would be a great accompaniment to the macarons.

La Maison du Macaron

Laduree is on the opposite end of Manhattan, located on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side. Unlike La Maison du Macaron, unfortunately, Laduree has no seating available. The bakery, however, is always crowded with people in line to order their macarons. Originally from France, Laduree is an authentic macaron shop placed in the streets of New York City. I waited on line for my box of 6 macarons. I asked for milk chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel, praline, coffee, and rose. Laduree’s macarons are definitely original in flavor, and the creaminess of the macarons outscores those from La Maison du Macaron. I loved all of the macarons I had chosen for my box except for the rose. If you’ve read my previous post on macarons, it’s clear that I’m not a big fan of floral flavored macarons. Although rose it had a strong smell of the flowers and the taste reminded me of my lotion. I wasn’t a big fan of the rose, but all of the other flavors were superb.

La Maison du Macaron and Laduree are neck to neck in terms of my opinion on which macaron shop is NYC’s best. I enjoyed my share of macarons at both shops, but if I had to choose, I would give my vote to Laduree. The macarons from Laduree are incredibly soft yet chewy, with the perfect balance of rich creaminess in flavor. The price at Laduree is a bit more than La Maison du Macaron, but their macarons are worth every penny.

La Maison du Macaron on UrbanspoonLadurée on Urbanspoon


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