Comparing Indian Food: Baluchi’s Vs. Curry in a Hurry

My sister and I are the biggest fans of well-cooked Indian food. Our favorite local Indian eatery is a chain restaurant called Baluchi’s and we absolutely love this place, particularly because of their 50% off the entire bill lunch special. Who wouldn’t want delicious Indian food for less than $10? Momentarily putting aside our intense love for Baluchi’s, we decided to give a different Indian restaurant a chance to impress us. Lexington Avenue and 29th street is filled with Indian restaurants – every shop you see is an Indian restaurant. So out of all the tempting restaurants we had in front of us, we went in to Curry in a Hurry for a different Indian experience.

Before I begin explaining my food journey in Curry in a Hurry, I’ll give a quick review on my beloved Baluchi’s. Being a chain restaurant, Baluchi’s definitely knows how to appeal to non-natives with their classic Indian dishes. The service at Baluchi’s isn’t the friendliest, but they serve quickly and are extremely professional. My sister and I always order the chicken curry and goat masala with rice and naan to complete our meal, and they haven’t disappointed us yet. Both the goat and chicken are cooked to tender goodness, the spices well marinated in the meat. The curry and masala are always cooked to perfection with the exotic taste of India seeped into them. We’re also huge fans of their peas pulao (saffron rice with peas) and naan. Everything at Baluchi’s is commendable, and it has been one of my favorite hot spots for a long time.

My typical meal from Baluchi’s without Samosas

Curry in a Hurry

Vegetable Samosas from Curry in a Hurry

Upon walking into Curry in a Hurry, it’s easy to say that this restaurant wasn’t what we had expected. We’d expected something similar to Baluchi’s – clean, dimly lit with ethnic portraits across the walls – but we walked into a hot, disorganized restaurant with unfriendly servers. We were seated upstairs, where I quickly noticed a curry stain on the tablecloth and clear plastic cups of water. There was nothing too impressive about their interior, so we quickly ordered our food in the hopes of having some good Indian eats. We ordered the chicken curry and beef curry with rice, naan, and vegetable samosas, which arrive shortly after ordering. The beef curry was absolutely fantastic, with delicious spices and flavors well incorporated into the beef. I loved how well the beef curry complemented the rice, and how delicious it was with the naan as well. The chicken curry, on the other hand, was a complete disappointment. Although the chicken was tender, it was difficult to eat because the bone-to-meat ratio wasn’t too favorable on the meat’s end. The flavors of the chicken curry were extremely bland, close to none-existent.  Another downside of Curry in a Hurry was the vegetable samosas. I’ve tried samosas at Baluchi’s and found them to be absolutely delightful; with their perfectly crisped puff pastry, savory stuffing, and sweet and spicy sauce, samosas were always my favorite appetizer. The samosas at Curry in a Hurry were a lot bigger than what I had expected and the pastry was more of a thick breading around stuffing than alight puff pastry. To my disappointment, the samosas were cold and bland, completely tasteless without the sauce.

Curry in a Hurry did not measure up to my expectations and was a big disappointment in comparison to Baluchi’s. I am even more of an avid fan of Baluchi’s after this experience, and mediocre curry at a mediocre restaurant just won’t cut it for me.

Baluchi's (Gramercy) on UrbanspoonCurry in a Hurry on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Comparing Indian Food: Baluchi’s Vs. Curry in a Hurry

    • That’s exactly how I felt about Curry in a Hurry – nothing was outstanding about the restaurant, so I was surprised to see that it made top cheap eats on urbanspoon.

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