National Fried Chicken Day Celebration

Happy National Fried Chicken Day! If there is one things I love the most, it’s fried chicken. I still vividly remember ordering late night Korean fried chicken with my dad as quietly as possible so that my mom wouldn’t find out about our late-night snacking, and then quickly finishing a whole bucket of fried chicken. My love for fried chicken has only grown since entering college – it’s quick, fattening, and delicious – what more can I ask for. I’d recently been working with a business client in Greenwich Village and I always end up passing by a small fried chicken joint on my way to the subway station. I’d seen this place numerous times on my NYU friends’ Instagram and even on Immaculate Infatuation’s website(my favorite restaurant reviewers). So after a quick business meeting, I rushed down the block to Sticky’s Finger Joint to grab myself some fried chicken.

Sticky’s Finger Joint is far from an ordinary fried chicken restaurant. They create their own unique recipes for different types of chicken fingers, impressing their customers with combinations that have never been thought of before. I ordered the Wasabi Finger to begin my Sticky’s journey. All three chicken fingers were Panko crusted, covered with wasabi mayo and ginger, and then topped with tobiko. I’d only had wasabi mayo and tobiko with sushi, but having it on top of crispy chicken fingers opened up a whole new realm of flavors, becoming fully aware of how delicious this combination was. Even though the chicken fingers were dipped in sauce, they still maintained their crispiness of the Panko crust and the tenderness of the white meat. I also ordered a side of purple sweet potato fries that came drizzled in honey. I’ve always been a fan of sweet potato fries, but a plate of these blew me away. Who would’ve thought that fries with honey would taste so good? I loved the crispiness in the fries as well as the overall sweetness that balanced out my tangy Wasabi Fingers.

Even though Sticky’s Finger Joint is small, the fried chicken fingers that they have to offer are phenomenal. With fingers ranging from Buffalo chicken to salted caramel fingers, I definitely will be revisiting to taste every single chicken finger they have on the menu. There’s no other meal that can make a girl happy than a plate of well-cooked fried chicken.

Sticky's Finger Joint on Urbanspoon


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