Cookies, Teas, and Scones – Oh My

Walt Disney has done a fantastic job over the past couple of decades in planting the existence of magical fairytale lands into young minds. Of course, I, too, had dreamt of living in a castle with talking animals. I still think about how breathtaking it would be if I could experience that magical surrounding without having to break my wallet to go to Disney World. I’m only a poor college student with only a part-time job – I can’t afford a plane ticket to Florida, a hotel room, and a ticket for the famous amusement park. But without having to go far from the comforts of my home in New York, I’ve found a place that reenacts the fairytale that Disney had painted. Alice’s Tea Cup is a recreation of the tea party scene in Disney’s fairytale, Alice in the Wonderland. Located in three different areas in NYC, I had the pleasure in taking a trip while I was roaming through Lexington Avenue.

Alice’s Tea Cup is a small tea house, decorated with a magical yet antique aura. With a long couch spread across one of its walls, Alice’s Tea Cup provides seating both on the lower and upper levels, enough space for people to enjoy their meals without being cramped. However, being a popular eatery, there is always a line for customers; hence my sister and I were asked to wait 30 minutes before being seated. We had no problem with this since the neighborhood was filled with shops we could explore. After having waiting exactly 30 minutes and returning to the tea house, we were seated at a small wooden table as the waitress explained the teas and scones of the day. With a long list of baked goods, sandwiches, and most importantly, tea, Alice’s Tea Cup provides the essentials in having an adult tea party. Famished, we ordered “The Mad Hatter” combination for two which came with one pot of tea (rose tea mélange white tea), choice of two scones (pumpkin and cheese-scallion), choice of two sandwiches (Black forest ham & gruyere and Lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast), and assorted cookies.

Our “Mad Hatter” came in a tea-tray stacked three stories high, each level of plate filled with scrumptious food. To start with the pot of tea, ours had the deep herbal taste that only quality tea leaves would bring out, mixed with the sweetness of the rose. The scones and assorted cookies that we received were home-made with a good balance of the sweet or savory taste in the rich flour. The sandwiches were made from fresh ingredients, using healthy cuts of meat and vegetables tucked in between crisply toasted slices of bread. My sister and I fell in love with the decorations of the food, the beautiful Victorian tea cups and plates, and how amazing everything tasted. As children, we never really had the chance to have tea parties at home, so being at Alice’s Tea Cup gave us a completely new experience that we would never forget.

With the food, baked goods, and tea as good as they can be, Alice’s Tea Cup is the perfect place for all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. It’s also a great place to have a gathering with your girlfriends for a brunch in the city or even a baby shower, as I had witnessed during my visit. With the “Mad Hatter” costing $37 to split between two people, there are other options for smaller or larger portions with ranging prices. Alice’s Tea Cup serves all of the things that I ate, separate from the tea platters, and they also serve salads as well. Despite the long waiting time, Alice’s Tea Cup is definitely an experience you should have if you are in the neighborhood. Check out their locations and menu at:

Alice's Tea Cup Chapter III on Urbanspoon


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