Baring It All for Organic Food

The popularity of organic food has been increasing tremendously amongst the people of NYC, stirring up a trend of restaurants that refuses to serve anything but organic meals. I’m not against this at all – if it’s good for the health, then why not? An all-organic burger joint famously named Bareburger, recently opened up near my neighborhood of Bayside and I was beyond excited to pay a visit. From patties to the napkins you use to wipe your mouth; this restaurant was by far the perfect place for an organic eater.

Standing in the middle of Bell Blvd, a neighborhood filled with top-rated eateries, Bareburger was crawling with people. With a garage-styled door open to the ceiling, the restaurant was built to give a south-western vibe, with their wooden décor and soft, yellow-toned light bulbs. As I took a look at the menu, there were choices of patties that I’ve never even dreamt of eating: bison, elk, and ostrich. On my first visit to Bareburger, I played it safe by ordering The Western burger with Panko chicken on a whole-grain bun (bottom left) and Amanda settled for The Original with beef on a brioche bun (bottom right). We had ordered a side platter of fries and onion rings which came with four different dipping sauces: spicy chipotle mayo, peppercorn steak sauce, curry ketchup, and the Bareburger special sauce. Needless to say, everything we ordered tasted unbelievably delicious. Everything was cooked to finesse, and I was more than impressed with how well the flavors had worked with each other.

After leaving Bareburger with the strong confirmation that I finally found the “it” burger joint near home, I couldn’t get their burgers and fries out of my mind. So the next day, I convinced my sister to join me for a night of burgers. With my newfound confidence of trying Bareburger previously, my sister and I decided to take a risk and try something other than a regular beef patty. We ordered a plate of fries for starters then ordered our “adventure meals”. I ordered the Pesto Pepper Burger with the elk patty on a brioche bun (bottom left) and my sister ordered the Mediterranean Burger with the wild boar patty on a brioche bun (bottom right). Upon tasting the different patties, I realized why Bareburger decided to incorporate such exotic meats into their menu: the meaty flavor and texture of the patties were far distinct from a regular patty, filling my mouth with an overabundant richness and depth of the well-cooked meat.

Aside from their phenomenal burgers, Bareburger also serves sandwiches, wraps, salads, and other snack baskets to indulge in. I’ve also received many positives reviews on their all-organic milkshakes, so I’ll be paying them another visit sometimes soon to try that as well. Bareburger is also located throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn – be sure to check them out if you’re in the neighborhood!

More info on Bareburger:

Bareburger  on Urbanspoon


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