Four for the Price of Two

I’m not exactly how you would define a person as ‘normal’, but if you ask around to my small circle of friends, they’ll be sure to tell you that I’m on the opposite spectrum from the norms of society and that I am by far the most outrageous person they’ve met. So it’s only evident that I would perform ludicrous actions everywhere I go, purposely or accidentally. I’ve burped out-loud at my favorite sandwich joint, seated not even a foot away from a couple on their first date, leaving them speechless. I’ve put waiters into sheer amazement after finishing $50 worth of street-food by myself. I’ve even proved my friends wrong when they bet saying that I couldn’t finish a 10 oz. burger, plate of fries, and appetizers at a local diner. But I don’t do these things alone, of course. The only reason why I’m still proudly walking around the streets of New York is because my sidekick, Amanda, has been with me throughout all of my incidents. We seem to set new personal records for ourselves every time we eat out, and this time was nothing new.

One food that I always resort to no matter how many times I indulge in it is the all-American burger. I’m always willing to go to a burger house to try any type of this magnificent compilation of meat and veggies in between a set of buns. A lot of people were shocked to hear from me when I had told them that I had never tried Shake Shack, an extremely well-known chain burger house in the city. The stunned faces of people and their “Oh, you just have to try it – they’re amazing!” sayings de-prided me as a foodie and I had dragged Amanda to the city once again to try their burgers for myself.

With the weather beautiful and the sun blazing down on all the busy Manhattenites, we found ourselves standing on a ridiculously long line circling Madison Square Park, barely getting a glimpse of the small Shack. My friends had been correct; Shake Shack is incredibly popular and I was one of many witnesses of their stardom. After waiting nearly 45 minutes and guarding our table amongst hungry eaters, Amanda placed both of our orders. As you can see from the picture, there are four burgers (2 single meats and 2 double meats), and two sets of cheese fries – Amanda had mistakenly ordered two single burgers, then corrected herself for two doubles. But as hectic as the day was, the cashier had entered the wrong order, giving us four burgers for the price of two single burgers.

Shake Shack’s burgers were nonetheless one of the best burgers I’ve had: the meat cooked to medium rare as I always prefer and covered in a slice of perfectly melted cheese, every piece of vegetable crisp and freshly washed, and the special Shack sauce spread across the butter-spreaded bun. But the thing I loved even more than the burger was their cheese fries, with heapings of crimpled fries sitting under a pool of soft, melted cheese. Amanda and I finished all four burgers and our two sets of cheese fries, completed with our choice of frozen shake drinks. We ate an incredible amount that day, I have to admit, and it took us a while before we could get up from our seats to start walking.

My first experience at Shake Shack had been a heavenly one and I’m lucky to have my current internship is located a mere five blocks away from one, giving me plenty of chances to try everything on their menu. With prices ranging close to fast-food price ranges, Shake Shack is definitely a good cheap eatery for quality food.

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